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 I can't send email!
Solution 1) Make sure that 'my server requires authentication' is checked for your outgoing email server (SMTP) settings.

2) Find out if you're internet service provider is blocking port 25 (outgoing email port, see below for instructions*). You may need to change your outgoing mail server settings to whatever your ISP offers for email services. A growing trend with internet service providers is to block port 25 to all servers except their own. This is done to prevent unknowingly infected home computers from becoming spam generating and sending machines.

3) Try using port 465 for your outgoing mail server port setting.

* One method you can use to try using to verify this is to try connecting to your email server using a program called "telnet". To do this, click on your Start button, then "Run...", then type in the following command:

telnet your_domain_name.com 25

...then click OK.

If you get a message regarding "Cannot connect to SMTP server", then you are most-likely being blocked. You may want to give your Internet Service Provider a call to inquire if you are being blocked on port 25, and if you can be un-blocked.

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