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 Miva Merchant update to USPS module
Posted By: Remik [STAFF] On: 27 Nov 2008 05:55 PM
Details Miva Merchant update to USPS module (for v4.14 to v4.24 stores)

USPS made a few changes mid-November to their real-time shipping quote system which is used by many shopping carts - like Miva Merchant.  This change, unfortunately, came unannounced and broke the existing USPS shipping module that is built into Miva Merchant v4 stores (versions 4.14 to 4.24 are affected).

To resolve the problem, Miva released an updated version of this module - which can be downloaded from their web site and installed in affected stored by overwriting the existing module.  Please review the notes and install instructions that accompany the module for the procedure, to ensure you do not lose any settings already set up for the USPS module in  your store.

The new USPS module, v4.2406, is available on Miva's patches and downloads page:

Here are the direct links. The first one is the download link and the second is the instructions:

If you have any problems uploading the module feel free to contact Miva Merchant support at 
866-284-9812 option 3 (Mon-Fri 7am-7pm PST), or open a support ticket with dotCOM host at http://www.dotcomhost.com/support

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